Expression Analysis
   Expression Profile
   Differential Expression
   Correlation of Expression
Methylation Analysis
   Methylation Profile
   Differential Methylation
Clinical Analysis
   Survival Plot
   Clinical Profile
   Differential Clinical Parameter
Oncovirus Analysis 
   Expression Profile
   Methylation Profile
   Differential Expression
   Differential Methylation
   Survival Plot
   -Gene Associated Analysis
   -Virus Associated Analysis
   Clinical Profile
   Differential Clinical Parameter
   Virus Profile
Mutation Analysis 
   Mutation Profile
   Significantly Mutated Genes
   Survival Plot
   Mutation Clincial Profile
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Welcome to OncoDB!
OncoDB is an online database resource for researchers to explore abnormal patterns in gene expression as well as viral infection that are correlated to clinical features in cancer. Specifically, OncoDB integrated RNA-seq, DNA methylation, and related clinical data from over 10,000 cancer patients in the TCGA study as well as from normal tissues in the GTEx study. Another unique aspect of OncoDB is its focus on oncoviruses. By mining TCGA RNA-seq data, we have identified six major oncoviruses across cancer types and further characterized the impact of viral infection on host gene expression and clinical outcomes. All the analysis results are integratively presented in OncoDB with a flexible interface to search for data related to RNA expression, DNA methylation, viral infection, and clinical features of the cancer patients.

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New Features:
Expression Analysis Methylation Analysis Clinical Analysis Oncovirus Analysis Mutation Analysis
  • Cancer associated gene expression profile
  • Differentially expressed genes in specified cancer
  • Expression correlation of two different genes
  • Cancer associated gene methylation profile
  • Differentially methylated genes in specified cancer
  • Survival analysis associated with gene expression/methylation
  • Clinical profile associated with gene expression/methylation
  • Differential genes associated with clinical parameters
  • Genomic profile associated with viral infection
  • Survival analysis associated with viral infection
  • Clinical profile associated with viral infection
  • Mutation profile in tumor samples
  • Survival analysis associated gene mutations
  • Clinical profile associated with gene mutations


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  • Tang G, Cho M, Wang X (2022) OncoDB: an interactive online database for analysis of gene expression and viral infection in cancer. Nucleic Acids Research, 50(D1):D1334-D1339.